How do you say SWMS?

We pronounce it “swims!”

What is marine science?

Marine scientists study the ocean, estuaries, and associated environments. The topics one can study within marine sciences are manyfold, but are commonly divided in the fields of biology, physics, chemistry and geology. Multidisciplinary research, like the interaction between chemistry and biology, is also very important in order to understand the ocean as a whole. Some marine scientists go out in the field to gather data; others use satellite data or run computer models to simulate the processes they are interested in.

Why do we need a society for women in marine science?

The history of oceanography, or marine science, lies in seafarer’s notes on features they encountered on their voyages. In later times explorations were undertaken by various navies as they wanted to use the information for their fleets. Because of this, and because early marine sciences focused mainly on the physics of ocean circulation, oceanography started out as a predominantly male field of science. Nowadays many women are interested in marine science, but though there are many female students, very few senior scientists are women. Lack of role female models and support are a few of the reasons why women do not stay in the field. SWMS aims to be a source of support for women in marine science.



What does SWMS do?

SWMS aims to mentor and promote women in all the marine sciences. Resources and opportunities are posted on the SWMS website. An annual workshop is organized where women can present their work and network with peers in their field.


Who can be a member of the society for women in marine science?

Anyone involved in marine science, at all career stages, can be able to be a member of the society.  To become a member (it’s free!), please fill out our membership form.


I’m a man. Can I still be involved with the society for women in marine science?

Yes. In fact, we’d very much like you to get involved. We’d like to make male scientists more aware of the issues that women in marine science face. Only the marine sciences community as a whole can support the advancement of female scientists in the field. Anyone can sign up to be a member and can register for our workshops.


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